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To help update custom theme files from one Tiki version to the next, this page lists changes in the theme stylesheet and in typical theme-specific Smarty template (.tpl) files.

Tiki 4 to Tiki 5 Theme file changes


Double quotes added for input[type="reset"], etc.

Secondary site menu styling added, for example

#secondary_site_menu .cssmenu_horiz ul
#secondary_site_menu .cssmenu_horiz ul ul
#secondary_site_menu .cssmenu_horiz ul li a
#secondary_site_menu .cssmenu_horiz li a
#secondary_site_menu .cssmenu_horiz li.menuSection a
#secondary_site_menu .cssmenu_horiz li ul li a .sf-sub-indicator

Site header login popup introduced


Tab styling changed in many themes

/* reset what's in layout.css */
.tabactive, .tabinactive, class.tabactive, class.tabinactive {top: 0 !important}
.tabs br
.tabs span
.tabmark a
.tabmark a:hover, .tabactive


/* fancytable (sortable) plugin */ .fancysort .header:hover {color: f0f0f0;}

Misc. (things found to have been changed in two or more themes

.rbox-title {border-bottom: none !important;}

Template (.tpl) files

Site header wrapper method introduced

tiki-site_header_top.tpl(for example)

Tiki 5 to Tiki 6 Theme file changes


Blog revamp (template wrapper method introduced)

It's now easier to give a theme a different blog page layout. There is a blog wrapper template file that contains include statements each of which loads a part of the blog page, so these statements can be reordered (and/or minimal HTML, etc. put between them) to create a unique display.
  • Sharethis icon added to blog post icons


  • #fixedwith has moved to styles/layout/layout.css
  • Element names removed in layout.css, design.css and theme stylesheets
  • Class of wysiwyg editor textarea changed (along with fckeditor to ckeditor)
body.wikitext -> body.cke_show_borders (needed for some themes to have good contrast)
Where possible (actually in almost all cases) selectors like div.sioptions were changed to .sioptions, because there were no eg. span.sioptions or ul.sioptions. This reduces problems in theme stylesheets where previously .sioptions would possibly not be able to override layout.css's div.sioptions due to the latter's greater specificity. In other words, in most cases, theme stylesheets don't need to use the element name any more, but just the id or class name.

Template (.tpl) files

Blog revamp (template wrapper method introduced)

Tiki 6 to Tiki 7 Theme file changes


  • New divs have been added in tiki.tpl to accomodate the graphic layout of Fivealive and other themes that have full-width page parts even when fixed-width is activated.

  • #header is now full width - #header_fixedwidth inside it is now fixed width
  • #header_fixedwidth is now (mostly) equivalent to #header-top
    See Fivealive for how to layer four header bg images (esp. for case of header background that is full page width, with header content being fixed width).
  • #siteloginbar is now a class (.siteloginbar) as it's possible to add modules more than once.
  • When writing CSS for modules (or divs in modules), be sure to narrow the scope appropriately (append rule with #top_modules, for example) so if the same items also appear in another module zone or wiki page, the CSS rules won't be accidentally applied (especially possible with positioning rules for items like the search form, etc.).
  • These divs are now obsolete:
    • #header-top
    • #siteheader
    • #sioptions
    • #sitead (This id is no longer in the .tpl file but its CSS rules could be used as a possible reference for banner module CSS.) 
    • #sitead.floatright
    • #sitead.floatleft
Replacing the Look and Feel configuration of "site identity" items such as site logo, site title, log-in form, search form, and main horizontal menu, modules are now used for assigning and positioning these items. See http://dev.tiki.org/Modules Revamp.

See also the page: Theme header modules

The footer has an additional div if needed for layout.

Color simplification

To facilitate using the theme generator, colors in some themes are being simplified where possible. So far, jqui has gotten this treatment; The News and Tikinewt are the next likely candidates.

Template (.tpl) files

Check also the changes from "Module Revamp"


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luci, 09:13 GMT, Mon 09 of Dec, 2013: logo updated with ®. please do ctrl+F5 refresh...
chibaguy, 06:31 GMT, Thu 16 of May, 2013: Veronica, that star has been eclipsed many times, with Tiki 11.o now soon to rise. ;-)
veronicamarsh, 08:33 GMT, Sun 12 of May, 2013: tikiwiki 2.0 is the star of this weekend. Just follow as we add it to SM dev.
chibaguy, 02:57 GMT, Thu 04 of Oct, 2012: This is a late reply, but, for the record, the Milkyway theme (following the original design) doesn't have a search form in the top bar. You can put one at the top of a side column, etc. instead.
andi6803, 12:20 GMT, Tue 18 of Oct, 2011: I use tiki 6v4 with the Milkyway theme. But it's not possible to switch on the search bar at the top bar. With other themes it works.