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Tikipedia is based on Mediawiki's Vector style, also used at Wikipedia.org. The Tikipedia theme for Tiki CMS was done to illustrate the flexibility of Tiki's design capabilities. Please note that the right-hand column of this web site is turned off when the Tikipedia theme is demonstrated. The right column can be used with the Tikipedia theme if desired, but the appearance is then less authentic since Mediawiki has no right-hand column.

New information for Tiki 7!

Be sure to remove all old template files

Older Tikipedia template files (in templates/styles/tikipedia) are incompatible with Tiki 3 and must be removed, for the theme to work correctly. The Tikipedia theme now uses no special Smarty template (.tpl) files. It relies on the flexibility provided by Tiki's module system for page content.

Uses normal Tiki modules

To retain the Mediawiki appearance, modules shouldn't be put in the Top and Topbar module zones. This assures that the top of the left column, where the logo is, will be flush with the page top.

Recommended module assignments (in this order) -> Pagetop: login_box (nobox=y, mode=popup), search (nobox=y); Left: logo (nobox=y, flip=n, style=overflow: hidden), Tools (title=Tools; custom module data described below), menu (type=vert).

Tools module data (this is moved here from tiki-wiki_topline.tpl, about lines 22-135):
{if $page}
{if ! isset($versioned)}
	{if $print_page ne 'y'}
			<div class="wikiactions" style="float: right; padding-left:10px; white-space: nowrap">
				<div class="icons" style="float: left;">
		{if $pdf_export eq 'y'}
					<a href="tiki-print.php?{query display="pdf" page=$page}" title="{tr}PDF{/tr}">{icon _id='page_white_acrobat' alt="{tr}PDF{/tr}"}</a>
		{if $prefs.flaggedrev_approval neq 'y' or ! $revision_approval or $lastVersion eq $revision_displayed}
			{if $editable and ($tiki_p_edit eq 'y' or $page|lower eq 'sandbox') and $beingEdited ne 'y' and $machine_translate_to_lang eq '' or $canEditStaging eq 'y'}
				<a title="{tr}Edit this page{/tr}" {ajax_href template="tiki-editpage.tpl"}tiki-editpage.php?page={if isset($needsStaging) && $needsStaging eq 'y'}{$stagingPageName|escape:"url"}{else}{$page|escape:"url"}{/if}{if !empty($page_ref_id) and $needsStaging neq 'y'}&amp;page_ref_id={$page_ref_id}{/if}{/ajax_href}>{icon _id='page_edit' alt="{tr}Edit this page{/tr}"}</a>
				{if $prefs.wiki_edit_icons_toggle eq 'y' and ($prefs.wiki_edit_plugin eq 'y' or $prefs.wiki_edit_section eq 'y')}
					$("#wiki_plugin_edit_view").click( function () {
						var src = $("#wiki_plugin_edit_view img").attr("src");
						if (src.indexOf("wiki_plugin_edit_view") > -1) {
							$(".editplugin, .icon_edit_section").show();
							$("#wiki_plugin_edit_view img").attr("src", src.replace("wiki_plugin_edit_view", "wiki_plugin_edit_hide"));
							setCookieBrowser("wiki_plugin_edit_view", true);
						} else {
							$(".editplugin, .icon_edit_section").hide();
							$("#wiki_plugin_edit_view img").attr("src", src.replace("wiki_plugin_edit_hide", "wiki_plugin_edit_view"));
						return false;
					if (!getCookie("wiki_plugin_edit_view")) {$(".editplugin, .icon_edit_section").hide(); } else { $("#wiki_plugin_edit_view").click(); }
				<a title="{tr}View edit icons{/tr}" href="#" id="wiki_plugin_edit_view">{icon _id='wiki_plugin_edit_view' title="{tr}View edit icons{/tr}"}</a>
		{if $prefs.feature_morcego eq 'y' && $prefs.wiki_feature_3d eq 'y'}
					<a title="{tr}3d browser{/tr}" href="javascript:wiki3d_open('{$page|escape}',{$prefs.wiki_3d_width}, {$prefs.wiki_3d_height})">{icon _id='wiki3d' alt="{tr}3d browser{/tr}"}</a>
		{if $cached_page eq 'y'}
					<a title="{tr}Refresh{/tr}" href="tiki-index.php?page={$page|escape:"url"}&amp;refresh=1">{icon _id='arrow_refresh'}</a>
		{if $prefs.feature_wiki_print eq 'y'}
					<a title="{tr}Print{/tr}" href="tiki-print.php?{if !empty($page_ref_id)}page_ref_id={$page_ref_id}&amp;{/if}page={$page|escape:"url"}">{icon _id='printer' alt="{tr}Print{/tr}"}</a>

		{if $prefs.feature_share eq 'y' && $tiki_p_share eq 'y'}
					<a title="{tr}Share this page{/tr}" href="tiki-share.php?url={$smarty.server.REQUEST_URI|escape:'url'}">{icon _id='share_link' alt="{tr}Share this page{/tr}"}</a>
		{if $prefs.feature_tell_a_friend eq 'y' && $tiki_p_tell_a_friend eq 'y'}
					<a title="{tr}Send a link{/tr}" href="tiki-tell_a_friend.php?url={$smarty.server.REQUEST_URI|escape:'url'}">{icon _id='email_link' alt="{tr}Send a link{/tr}"}</a>
		{if $user and $prefs.feature_notepad eq 'y' and $tiki_p_notepad eq 'y'}
					<a title="{tr}Save to notepad{/tr}" href="tiki-index.php?page={$page|escape:"url"}&amp;savenotepad=1{if !empty($page_ref_id)}&amp;page_ref_id={$page_ref_id}{/if}">{icon _id='disk' alt="{tr}Save to notepad{/tr}"}</a>
		{if $user and $prefs.feature_user_watches eq 'y'}
			{if $user_watching_page eq 'n'}
					<a href="tiki-index.php?page={$page|escape:"url"}&amp;watch_event=wiki_page_changed&amp;watch_object={$page|escape:"url"}&amp;watch_action=add{if $structure eq 'y'}&amp;structure={$home_info.pageName|escape:'url'}{/if}" class="icon">{icon _id='eye' alt="{tr}Page is NOT being monitored. Click icon to START monitoring.{/tr}"}</a>
					<a href="tiki-index.php?page={$page|escape:"url"}&amp;watch_event=wiki_page_changed&amp;watch_object={$page|escape:"url"}&amp;watch_action=remove{if $structure eq 'y'}&amp;structure={$home_info.pageName|escape:'url'}{/if}" class="icon">{icon _id='no_eye' alt="{tr}Page IS being monitored. Click icon to STOP monitoring.{/tr}"}</a>
			{if $structure eq 'y' and $tiki_p_watch_structure eq 'y'}
				{if $user_watching_structure ne 'y'}
					<a href="tiki-index.php?page={$page|escape:"url"}&amp;watch_event=structure_changed&amp;watch_object={$page_info.page_ref_id}&amp;watch_action=add_desc&amp;structure={$home_info.pageName|escape:'url'}">{icon _id='eye_arrow_down' alt="{tr}Monitor the Sub-Structure{/tr}"}</a>
					<a href="tiki-index.php?page={$page|escape:"url"}&amp;watch_event=structure_changed&amp;watch_object={$page_info.page_ref_id}&amp;watch_action=remove_desc&amp;structure={$home_info.pageName|escape:'url'}">{icon _id='no_eye_arrow_down' alt="{tr}Stop Monitoring the Sub-Structure{/tr}"}</a>
		{if $prefs.feature_group_watches eq 'y' and ( $tiki_p_admin_users eq 'y' or $tiki_p_admin eq 'y' )}
			<a href="tiki-object_watches.php?objectId={$page|escape:"url"}&amp;watch_event=wiki_page_changed&amp;objectType=wiki+page&amp;objectName={$page|escape:"url"}&amp;objectHref={'tiki-index.php?page='|cat:$page|escape:"url"}" class="icon">{icon _id='eye_group' alt="{tr}Group Monitor{/tr}"}</a>

			{if $structure eq 'y'}
				<a href="tiki-object_watches.php?objectId={$page_info.page_ref_id|escape:"url"}&amp;watch_event=structure_changed&amp;objectType=structure&amp;objectName={$page|escape:"url"}&amp;objectHref={'tiki-index.php?page_ref_id='|cat:$page_ref_id|escape:"url"}" class="icon">{icon _id=eye_group_arrow_down alt="{tr}Group Monitor on Structure{/tr}"}</a>
				</div><!-- END of icons -->

		{if $prefs.feature_backlinks eq 'y' and $backlinks and $tiki_p_view_backlink eq 'y'}
				<form action="tiki-index.php" method="get" style="display: block; float: left">
					<select name="page" onchange="this.form.submit()" title="{tr}Backlinks{/tr}">
			{section name=back loop=$backlinks}
						<option value="{$backlinks[back].fromPage}" title="{$backlinks[back].fromPage}">
						{if $prefs.wiki_backlinks_name_len ge '1'}{$backlinks[back].fromPage|truncate:$prefs.wiki_backlinks_name_len:"...":true}{else}{$backlinks[back].fromPage}{/if}

		{if ( $structure eq 'y' and count($showstructs) gt 1 )
				( $structure eq 'n' and count($showstructs) neq 0 )}
				<form action="tiki-index.php" method="post" style="float: left">
					<select name="page_ref_id" onchange="this.form.submit()">
			{section name=struct loop=$showstructs}
						<option value="{$showstructs[struct].req_page_ref_id}" {if $showstructs[struct].pageName eq $structure_path[0].pageName}selected="selected"{/if}>
			{if $showstructs[struct].page_alias}

		{if $prefs.feature_multilingual eq 'y' && $prefs.show_available_translations eq 'y' && $machine_translate_to_lang eq ''}
				<div style="float: left">
			{include file='translated-lang.tpl' td='n'}
	{/if} {* <-- end of if $print_page ne 'y' *}

Structural details

See Tikipedia_development for some old notes on the process, probably now obsolete.


Please see Customizing_Tikipedia for information on customizing/personalizing this theme (probably also obsolete).

Download exclaim

For 1.9 and older versions of Tiki, Tikipedia_v1.0.zip is available for downloading at the Tikipedia theme file gallery. Please report any problems or make suggestions in the forum.

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luci, 09:13 GMT, Mon 09 of Dec, 2013: logo updated with ®. please do ctrl+F5 refresh...
chibaguy, 06:31 GMT, Thu 16 of May, 2013: Veronica, that star has been eclipsed many times, with Tiki 11.o now soon to rise. ;-)
veronicamarsh, 08:33 GMT, Sun 12 of May, 2013: tikiwiki 2.0 is the star of this weekend. Just follow as we add it to SM dev.
chibaguy, 02:57 GMT, Thu 04 of Oct, 2012: This is a late reply, but, for the record, the Milkyway theme (following the original design) doesn't have a search form in the top bar. You can put one at the top of a side column, etc. instead.
andi6803, 12:20 GMT, Tue 18 of Oct, 2011: I use tiki 6v4 with the Milkyway theme. But it's not possible to switch on the search bar at the top bar. With other themes it works.