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Kubrick was originally created for WordPress, but is open source and has been adapted for something like 26 different blog and CMS servers.

This is a Tiki adaptation of the Kubrick theme (http://mambo.rhuk.net/) originally done by Michael Heilemann for the WordPress blog software. If updating from a previous Tiki release, it's best that all template (.tpl) files are removed from templates/styles/kubrick and then the files included here are installed. Older files could be incompatible with this version.

Recommended top of the page module assignments for Tiki 7 (in this order):

Top: logo (nobox=y), login_box (nobox=y, mode=popup), menu [main "tiki-top" horizontal menu] (nobox=y, id=tiki-top, type=horiz, css=y), menu (nobox=y, type=horiz, id=secondary_site_menu, class=secondary_site_menu), search (nobox=y, mode=header)

Topbar: none

Sample page elements
This is how wiki page elements look in the Kubrick theme.

These are produced by standard Tiki wiki syntax:

A titlebar

h1 heading

h2 heading

h3 heading

h4 heading

  • An unordered list item
    • A subitem
And some text
  • Another item
. . . and more text . . .
  • Item 3
. . . and some more text, to illustrate the line spacing.

A table Row 1 Cell 2
Row 2 Cell 1 Row 2 Cell 2

A box

A link

And these are produced by wiki plugins:

Quote plugin:
Just what do you think you're doing, Dave?

--HAL, in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Code plugin:
{Hello World in Pascal}

program HelloWorld(output);
  WriteLn('Hello World!');


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luci, 09:13 GMT, Mon 09 of Dec, 2013: logo updated with ®. please do ctrl+F5 refresh...
chibaguy, 06:31 GMT, Thu 16 of May, 2013: Veronica, that star has been eclipsed many times, with Tiki 11.o now soon to rise. ;-)
veronicamarsh, 08:33 GMT, Sun 12 of May, 2013: tikiwiki 2.0 is the star of this weekend. Just follow as we add it to SM dev.
chibaguy, 02:57 GMT, Thu 04 of Oct, 2012: This is a late reply, but, for the record, the Milkyway theme (following the original design) doesn't have a search form in the top bar. You can put one at the top of a side column, etc. instead.
andi6803, 12:20 GMT, Tue 18 of Oct, 2011: I use tiki 6v4 with the Milkyway theme. But it's not possible to switch on the search bar at the top bar. With other themes it works.